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Vigilante Entertainment

Here is a brief view into the world of sub-culture and all the amazing people involved. This site and the many more that are to come are a series of installations that are here in assisting the modern-day citizen in finding what is going on in their area and other like-minded individuals. So please stay tuned because much more is in store for the future and this is only a starting point in spreading the word but like all things with the proper amount of love and nourishment it will grow. Thank you to all the friends and family who have helped this keep spreading quality entertainment in a safe and loving environment.




Cloud Computing..The Sky Is Never The Limit

Starting out researching this term I began reading what some of my other class members had written on the subject to get a look at how people i see on a weekly basis use this in their lives already. And in doing so i realized that this is something I’ve been using for quite sometime without knowing a name to give it. Cloud Computing refers to how easily a site such as Digg can transform this very large company in one place into the same company yet online and all of its interactions are all through one server or a set of servers dedicated to this service that you pay for as you use it. It also a way of people sharing information to further their business, growth, production levels; any aspect of your endeavor.

This “cloud” is a term that has been given a very broad meaning and the lines blur even further when you add computing into the picture as it was so eloquently put by Eric Knorr. It is this vast circuit of information sharing that is a pay as you use service that gives you all the benefits of a whole IT team when in reality that team can be used and paid on an as needed basis though using the cloud. I am very interested in researching this further and adding to this ever-growing chain of information to be shared. I need to tap into the cloud and have someone do this blog so I can finish all this work.




Podcasting and Vodcasting

Having the ability to have your own way of relaying information through channels such as a podcast or video cast which the line between the two is a very thin one if hardly any to me. The are used for all sorts of uses from people with no lives who post the most pointless stuff online to product developers that have tutorials on how to use their product. The uses are as far as the imagination can stretch and you as the person researching knows all the ins and outs of copyright infringement. That being said I will not bore you with someone elses words regurgitated back to you in such a way that it isn’t plagiarized and leave this on a positive note stating that the innovation of sound and pictures to the text on the web was a necessary and very beneficial thing we are lucky to be part of.




Augmented Reailty & Mobile Web

The lengths as to where this is leading and where it is going to end up is alarmingly crazy to me and how it can and will affect my life. It seems like everyday there is some new application out for your phone or notepad depending on how technologically savvy you are. The project is exciting as I am already very much involved with all the new software coming out that involves mobile devices and intermixing reality and the web is very motivating to get out there and create the next new thing.

Communities of Practice

In opening this illustrious article I would like to highlight some of the various advantages of using “communities of practice” not only in your school; but also how they are beneficial in work and even your everyday life while interacting with others related in common interests. This concept brings forth many different advantages because when bringing other individuals into the equation you are not only sharing your own thoughts and ideas but having the opportunity to hear what others have to say about what you think and get to expand your realm of ideas with all their knowledge and input on a similar subject. Further leading into brainstorming sessions between fellow co-workers or classmates to expand on the ever-growing amount of information out there to be taken in and absorbed by whomever wants to get out there and learn. By combining different learning types of people with the different study and learning methods people are provided in today’s world we are able to learn and grow at quite the accelerated pace from past generations.

So as I reflect into how this is going to effect my career and life involving graphic and web design my mind is overwhelmed with the amount of possibilities just at my fingertips. It’s quite extraordinary to have such accessibility to so much information for free and supported with facts instead of the flimsy information channels the web provided you as a user in its earlier years. So many professionals dismissed major avenues of information sharing because they thought it would become obsolete or was never needed to begin with, and in the beginning I can see where this thought process could have grown from. But after the short amount of time I personally have been expanding my resources of information gathering it would be naive to dismiss any community of practice environment whether it be new or old.

It was so greatly worded by Jean Lave and Etienne Wenger is that communities of practice are everywhere and that we are generally involved in a number of them –  whether that is at work, school, home, or in our civic and leisure interests. So as one may expect that the end result whether it be professional or pleasure that everyday any active member of society uses communities of practice and I believe it is nothing but headed in the right direction. So as any web savvy person should be excited in the great advances our society has made as a whole, most of it has been done together with out the labels in the past, and way before the web.




Collective Intelligence

As I began researching this subject I found some interesting information as to relating this to such a simple process as ants working together in a colony, and different bacteria working as one to perform a task which made me think what does this have to really do with what I’m trying to convey. And reflecting back on class and the “collective intelligence” that is performed by us discussing things as a class and the exchanging of thoughts and perspectives the students have as well as the teacher. And as I was flipping through different sites  I realized that it has been taken to a level that not only by the shared actions of people then can be put into machines or programs to be able to operate a whole system through an intricate network of channels relayed together originating from one command. As to how this affects me personally has really broadened my perspective on how many different people it has taken to make our everyday lives as simple yet in reality so much more complex than the average mind can comprehend. Working together instead of alone has so many more possibilities than the human mind can even comprehend at this stage in the digital and web revolution we are in right now. And such commonly used web pages use compiling your personal data and search habits to efficiently work. And something I have personally noticed with products of mine experiencing difficulty or just how eerily easy with the click of a button you can link your entire phone to about any site online and in doing so must allow them full access to both now your web profile and anything you do on your phone. This may not bother a lot of people but me personally, I say no thank you there is just some things I want private in my life and with all the progressions made from technology it is very hard to do these days. Fast forward into programming and where that leaves us with our ever-growing collective I am compiling for you. An excellent article I read breaks programming down from me reading a blog, referring me to a book, then finding excerpts similar to what I could find in the book on another site, giving examples of programs explains code to me and not only how it works but what the end result will be before you do all the work into the design and incorporating that into something like Delicious which was formed from people working together to make such a social platform for people to interact in and share knowledge.




Rss feed

RSS feed have made the e-world such an incredible place to share ideas, network, do research. Your own creativity and some know how there are limitless resources to find information discussing any topic you want but it has made it so to the point that a lot of misinformation is fact checked by others within the e-world and has been a major thing in my opinion that has kept the net growing at a faster and faster pace even; so much so that an entire internet revolution and new site with all sorts of capabilities never fathomed by most is already done and was just a thought in a programmers head when I started this blog.

As we dive further into my understanding of this I wonder not as more to if I understand it, more all the networking and business opportunities this will open for me just from the simple matter I know just a slice of the pie when it comes to all the different sites, links, blogs, social networking site, even to search engines; and with all these new avenues to pursue in many areas of my life RSS feed has genius. As Jennifer Kyrnin at About.com Guide so eloquently put it ” RSS  – Really Simple Syndication – What is it and How Do You Use It?” Which a vague in site into how it has made things being in print to online has expatiated the amount of information that can be shared and the ease at with it can be done. With RSS feed and the right aggregators you have the ability at your finger tips to have access to millions of authors and so much information it has fast forwarded the expansion and evolution of e-technology in today’s society.